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Authentic Influence

"Learn to use your authentic expression to influence meaningful change."

'Authentic Influence' is the essential dynamic of interpersonal effectiveness used by successful leaders, managers, and consultants to achieve results.

Interpersonal and group effectiveness and success is dependent on your ability to express your personal expertise and experience in ways that influences, motivates, and compels open-minded dialogue and meaningful group problem solving. Open communications demands honest and authentic dialogue that respects and appreciates both your own and others natural worldview. Your natural worldview and your problem solving orientation are influenced by your motivating values as expressed in spontaneous problem-solving language.

Four Unique Elements of Authentic Influence

1) Developing Emotional Literacy: Particular attention will be paid to your proficiency in 'Emotional Literacy' - your ability to effectively read and respond to others emotions and feelings, and to congruently use your own emotions and feelings to influence and motivate others.  

2) Mobilizing the Dynamics of Motivating Values: Key value questions that influence and motivate your personal and group effectiveness as a leader, manager, or consultant will be addressed.

In preparation for this workshop you will complete an online values measurement tool, The Life Journey Map®. At the start of the workshop you will receive a customized values report including your personal data, composite participant data, and norm data for Leaders and Managers.

3) Engaging Culture Competence is a measure of your ability to influence meaningful problem-solving when engaged in differences of values, race, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, etc. 

4) Professional Practice involves exploring the answers to these questions while working on your specific learning goals. During this time you will receive candid feedback on your progress.

In Authentic Influence you will be supported and challenged to hone your proficiency in:

These are the five elements of Daniel Goleman identified as necessary to build 'Emotional Intelligence'- a key predictor of successful leaders ("What Makes a Leader?" Harvard Business Review, Nov-Dec 1998).

You will be evaluated by your fellow participants and staff, on your ability to practice these five proficiencies in service of:

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