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Creating educational settings in which all participants, including myself, can approach learning and change with a sense of curiosity and support, is my essential focus as an educator. I especially enjoy helping others apply their learning's to making their work lives and personal lives meaningful. I call myself an educator.

A number a years ago I left a corporate job as Director of Training and Organizational Development. Part of my reason for leaving was accepting my limited ability to create learning settings where I could be my most meaningful self. 

After reflecting on this experience I came to the conclusion that the dialogues I participate in define me. It is through dialogue (verbal, written, and non-verbal) with others that I manifest the values that give me meaning and define me. In retrospect, what I felt was a frustration at my own inability to effect meaningful dialogue- dialogue that was rich in content and process and able to address our team's pressing problems. 

Having worked professionally as a therapist, experiential educator, group process consultant and having worked on a number of creative and productive teams, I'm well aware of specific skills necessary for rich dialogue, creative problem solving, and continuous learning. 

What I have learned through my work in values is a more realistic way to align with and appreciate an individual's, team's, or culture's present potential for change... vs. my need for them to change. 

If I extrapolate on my learnings, then my biography is a history of the conversations that have influenced me. Here are some of the people and dialogues, past and present, that define me:

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